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Do you ever get?

Short of breath? Stressed out?
Trouble at Work?

Do you

To pursue your quest?
Better health?
Sound Sleep?
Freedom from fear?

workplace yoga


Reduction of stress, of back problems and abnormal blood pressure, consequently less staff absence

Better concentration,
motivation & performance,
more relaxed & creative work atmosphere, sensitive and patient staff, hence improved efficiency at all levels, better relationships between colleagues and with clients.



About the Tutors

“The classes are mainly taught by Gordon: occasionally by Katherine and always by qualified and experienced Yoga teachers”

Gordon Spence

Katherine Simms


Gordon Spence

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“I began Yoga at the age of thirteen and it continues to transform my life. I am pleased and privileged to be able to give something back by teaching Yoga to others. Yoga led me to physical and spiritual competence. As a result I have been able to enjoy, organise and instruct outdoor activities in a 12-year project in the Probation Service. I have also held “Inward Bound” courses - Yoga and mountaineering, living in the mountains. My spiritual practice and path are sustained by Yoga and by being a Quaker.

“After leaving school I spent 7 years studying and working in engineering before being guided to work with people rather than machines. I then worked in the Probation Service for 15 years. In 1973, to my utter amazement, my first Yoga teacher Robert Leyshon-Hughes said that I too should teach Yoga. A few years later I joined the Centre Community, which practised spirituality in communal living. Here I was both teacher and student and in 1978 my study under Malcom Strutt led to a British Wheel of Yoga Teaching Diploma. While teaching at the London Sufi Centre in 1983, I met my future wife Cathy and we married two years later. We have a son who is now 23 years old.

In 1989 I undertook training in psychotherapy on a 3-year B.A.C. accredited diploma course taught by Nigel Hamilton. In 1994 to respond to an increasing number of requests, I undertook a specialist training with Jane Reed for antenatal Yoga teaching.

“I currently teach 6 hours of Yoga classes per week. I also offer counseling and mixed sessions of counseling and Yoga tuition to individuals. I am convinced that Yoga practice should touch the whole human being and link the individual with the universal. In practical terms this means I include as many aspects of Yoga as possible and encourage people to go beyond their original reasons for practising Yoga. I work with individuals as well as the group.”

Katherine Simms

Katherine began her spiritual search in her teens. She explored Yoga in earnest while at Leeds University where she also gained an Arts Degree. In 1989 she qualified as a Reflexologist. In 1995, while studying for her B.W.Y. teaching diploma, she undertook a specialist training with Jane Reed for antenatal Yoga teaching. In addition to her reflexology she studied Crystal Healing and qualified as a Crystal Healer in 1996. After having taught part-time in adult education centres and privately for some years, she gained her British Wheel of Yoga Teaching Diploma in 1998.

Katherine uses a variety of approaches in her Yoga teaching, as she believes that the approach should be varied to meet the needs of different students.





Now accepting enrolment for Early Autumn term, beginning on 2nd September. £20 will enrol you for the first 3 weeks with unlimited attendance in all 3 classes. CONTACT NOW TO BOOK YOUR PLACE